Bored with your basic beverage? MixerAI is here to unleash your inner mixologist—crafted with the magic of Google AI.
Developed in 3 weeks to bring to Google's Cannes NYC event, MixerAI showcases the power of Google's AI suite (PaLM2, Imagen, MakerSuite) to create unique drink recipes based on contextual user inputs. People answer a few questions about their interests and flavor preferences. Based on their responses, MixerAI generates a personalized drink recipe, images of what the drink could look like, and an original backstory that brings it to life. People could even bring the recipe to the bar to have it made in person. 
MixerAI has been featured at multiple events impressing C-Level execs and thirsty industry leaders with over 400 unique cocktails generated.
Role: Creative Director​​​​​​​
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